With the phenomenal rise of Mobile Applications in past few years, most of the businesses have included them at some stage of their process. This increasing popularity has made it mandatory for organisations to put extra stress on Mobile Application Testing.

In this article, we are going to discuss about challenges and solutions in Mobile Application Testing.

Some of the commonly faced challenges are:

  • Unending list of mobile devices
  • Mobile Device and OS combination
  • App Types
  • Screen Sizes
  • Network Speeds
  • Automation
  • Usability
  • Performance

Unending List of Mobile Devices

Currently there are over hundred mobile device manufacturers selling over thousand’s of different mobile devices. This makes…

Mobile Application Testing has become a vital cog in software testing industry in past few years. But with shorter release cycles, complex features, cut throat competition and ensuring the best quality application in market, Manual testing alone cannot perform this task after certain number of releases and needs a saviour. This has lead to the rise of Mobile Automation Testing. A stable Mobile Automation Testing framework ensures the testing time is reduced considerably with high quality of testing. Currently, there are a wide range of mobile automation testing tools and frameworks available and user can select any of them depending…

In my last article, I explained how to set up Selenium Grid with Docker. If you haven’t read it, please read it first.

Since the tests run inside docker containers, you cannot see the browser opening up and all the steps being performed. The need of such utility will arise while debugging tests. Solution for this is present in the form of debug containers.


For this article, I am going to use chrome and firefox debug containers.

  1. Pull the following docker images:


$ docker pull selenium/node-chrome-debug

Grid Node with Chrome installed and runs a VNC server, needs to be…

Automation using Selenium WebDriver has been in practice for sometime now. But constantly evolving products have led to every growing set of requirements for automation frameworks such as speeding of tests, cross browser coverage, different browser versions coverage, operating systems etc. Selenium has got it covered in the form of Selenium Grid.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is a proxy server based on hub-nodes architecture. It facilitates easy process to run tests in parallel across multiple machines(nodes).

ADB(Android Debug Bridge) is a great asset for anyone writing android automation scripts. Some test cases require data in the form of images, documents, mp3 file etc to be present in the android device/emulator and ADB gives simple yet powerful utility to do that.


  1. ADB is present in the Android SDK Platform-Tools package. I hope you have platform-tools installed on your system. To verify its version you can use command:
    $ adb version
    Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.41
    Version 29.0.1–5644136
    Installed as /Users/<username>/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb
    In case you have not, please go through this.
  2. Your android device connected to your…

Mobile automation is a familiar term in the tech discussions and practices. It has become desirable to have a good mobile automation setup to continuously monitor and check app’s functionality.There is also growing need to shift the automation tests to cloud services because of the advantage they offer: large variety of devices, flexibility of scaling and no maintenance effort.

While some organisations prefer to setup their own on-premise device labs and can afford to have enough resources to upgrade and maintain it, cloud services have also come with impressive solutions to take this to new level.

In this article, I…

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